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Opportunity X is dedicated to making research more accessible through school programs, workshops, and science fairs. 

To increase diversity and representation in research and science fairs, we start and lead research programs at middle schools with a high percentage of socioeconomically challenged students. In our programs, we hold weekly research workshops, where we teach our students basic science research concepts, organize enjoyable science experiments, and individually mentor students in conducting their own independent research projects. Our ultimate goal is to be able to guide students through the entire research process from start to finish. In order to provide all of our programs entirely cost-free to our students, we hold many restaurant and company fundraisers. In addition to our main Northern California branch, we currently lead branches in states across the country including Southern California, Maryland, Florida, and New Jersey. 

Each year, we also host a series of signature events to support STEM education for low resourced students across the globe. Most recently, we launched the first Opportunity X International Research Symposium and the inaugural Opportunity X Virtual Summer Boot Camp that attracted almost 300 students worldwide.

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