Leadership Team


Alice Feng



Alice is a senior at the Harker School. She has a strong foundation in STEM and wishes to pursue her passion in computer science and biology, especially in bioinformatics. She is a Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar, a Broadcom MASTERS Top 30 Finalist, and a U.S. Presidential Scholar Nominee. Alice is actively involved in promoting STEM education for underrepresented children and has been awarded the President's Volunteer Service Gold Award each year. At Opportunity X, Alice has founded several signature programs, expanded the school program to more than 10 states, and led the River Glen program for four years. Outside of doing science research and community service, Alice figure skates competitively. She and her team represented the United States in the 2019 Nations' Cup.

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Brian Chen


Brian is a junior at The Harker School. He is passionate about earth science research, particularly in seismology, and has also explored astrophysics research. He founded the Opportunity X Virtual Summer Program in 2020 and has served as the leader of the Morrill Middle School program for the past few years. He is very involved with organizing a local Tech Challenge team, as well as the Maker Club and Research Club at his high school. Beyond science, Brian loves going on long bike rides, running, and cooking.


Pujita Tangirala

Vice President of Operations


Pujita is a senior at Saint Francis High School. She loves studying science and math, and she is particularly interested in astrophysics. She has been active in the Synopsys Science Fair for the past few years and was a Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalist in 2016 and Finalist in 2017. Outside of science, she plays many instruments and is part of her school’s Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band. She also performs the classical Indian dance called Kuchipudi. Pujita currently leads the Ave Crux and Voices Franklin McKinley programs and was previously a KIPP Heartwood Co-lead. She also helped organize and lead multiple summer programs and science fairs, and created the first international school program in India.


Sabrina Zhu

Vice President of Events

Sabrina is a junior at The Harker School. She is interested in both medicine and computer science, and she is passionate about fostering a more diverse and inclusive community within the STEM fields. Sabrina currently co-leads the ACE Esperanza program​. Besides volunteering at Opportunity X, Sabrina plays the piano competitively, watches movies, snowboards, and contributes to her school’s newspaper.


Ashley Ruan

Vice President of Volunteering

Ashley is a junior at the Harker school. She enjoys biology and chemistry and is particularly interested in molecular biology. Outside of her studies, her hobbies include figure skating, drawing, and animation. Ashley leads the program at River Glen and Campbell Middle School, and has also helped organize Opportunity X’s virtual summer camps.


Anika Bhatia

Director of Curriculum

Anika is a senior at Leland High School. She is interested in scientific research in biology and medicine, and is passionate about getting all students equal opportunities in STEM. Some of Anika's other interests include robotics, photography, and cooking. She leads the KIPP Heritage school program. 

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Renee Ng

Director of Branches

Renee is currently a sophomore at El Cerrito High School, and is interested in chemistry and environmental sciences. She has participated in multiple science fairs, including GGSF. She enjoys graphic design, reading, and photography. She hopes to work with children in the future, introducing them to many types of science early on in their lives to inspire them to reach for a STEM career. She is leading several school programs in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area.


Stephen Xia

Director of Outreach

Stephen is a junior at The Harker School. He is interested in math, physics, and, in research, materials science. He also has participated in science fairs for multiple years. His other interests include piano, attempting to play the violin, and tennis. He also helps lead the Morrill program.


Kelly Wang

Director of Publicity

Kelly is a sophomore at American High School. She is interested in the chemistry area of science and also enjoys computer programming. Some of her hobbies include art, digital and traditional, and reading books. She volunteered at the Itliong-Vera Cruz school program before, but is currently helping lead the Delaine Eastin program.


Grace Lee

Director of Technology

Grace Lee is a sophomore at Deep Run High School in Virginia. She is passionate about science and technology. In her free time, she likes to play the viola, participating in school orchestra and Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra, and tutor middle schoolers in need. Grace leads Brookland and Boushall Middle School programs in Virginia. 


Sudeepthi Ravipati

Director of Fundraising

Sudeepthi is a sophomore at Saint Francis High School.  She is greatly interested in all areas of science, particularly environmental science and biotechnology. She has also participated in multiple science fairs, including the Synopsis Science Fair. Outside of science, Sudeepthi plays basketball and has earned two black belts in karate. Sudeepthi helps lead the Ave Crux program.  

State Branch Directors

Maya Chandar

Maya Chandar

Director of Florida Branch


Maya is a senior at Canterbury School in Fort Myers, Florida. She's passionate about STEM, particularly genetic and biomedical engineering, and has created several projects that look into the acceleration of cellular and molecular processes. She loves to play many instruments and play tennis. In her free time, she likes to read, give back to the community, and listen to music.


Gary Zhan

Director of Utah Branch


Gary is a senior at Logan High School in Logan, Utah. He is passionate about microbiology, mathematics, and engineering, and is currently studying the interactions between plants and their microbiome. He is a Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar, a Broadcom MASTERS semifinalist in 2016 and a finalist in 2018. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, playing piano, and playing tennis. Gary is currently leading two school programs in Utah.

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Alice Huang

Director of Texas Branch

Alice Huang is a senior at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. She loves all things biology and is a USA Biology Olympiad Semifinalist and the co-president of the Minorities in Science club at her school. Alice is also passionate about serving her community: in her free time, she runs a cookie delivery business to raise money for her city's COVID-19 relief fund. She also enjoys Chinese dance, piano, and fashion


Sonal Alla

Co-Director of Texas Branch

Sonal Alla is a junior at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. She participated in multiple science fairs and has won the US Navy SEAL and Marine Corps award at the Austin Energy Science Festival in 2018. She is interested in pursuing a career in health sciences and has taken classes in cancer-biology and bioinformatics. In her spare time, Sonal mentors refugee children. She is an alumni of Lonestar Leadership Academy. She also loves dance and baking, 


Grace Lee

Director of Virginia Branch

Grace Lee is a sophomore at Deep Run High School in Virginia. She is passionate about science and technology. In her free time, she likes to play the viola, participating in school orchestra and Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra, and tutor middle schoolers in need. Grace leads Brookland and Boushall Middle School programs in Virginia. 


Angelina Wang

Director of New Jersey Branch

Angelina is a fifteen-year-old who was born and raised in New Jersey. She is currently a sophomore at Holmdel High School and is passionate about science and the arts. In her free time, she paints, sketches, and does digital art. She hopes to be of help at Opportunity X! 


Jonathan Mo

Director of Ohio Branch

Jonathan is a Sophomore at Beachwood High School in Beachwood Ohio. He loves computer science, machine learning in particular. Outside of academics, Jonathan loves playing sports. He plays both soccer and basketball competitively and also skis for fun. 

andrea yu.jpg

Andrea Yu

Director of Ohio Branch

Andrea is a sophomore at Dublin Jerome High School in Dublin, Ohio. She loves chemistry, mathematics, and engineering, and is especially passionate about bringing more diversity into the STEM community. Andrea is a Mathcounts state finalist, a longtime AMC competitor, and an AIME qualifier. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, playing piano, singing, participating in speech & debate, cycling, and painting.

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Dami Kim

Director of Maryland Branch

Dami is a sophomore at Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland. She is passionate about robotics and engineering. She is a part of several non-profit organizations in her area for tutoring and supporting those in poverty, hoping to provide more educational opportunities to youth. In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, drawing, and listening to music.


Nicholas Chung

Co-Director of New Hampshire Branch

Nicholas is a junior at Nashua Highschool South in New Hampshire. He enjoys math, science, and reading. He looks forward to giving others the opportunity to find their passions within the STEM field. Nicholas likes skiing, reading, hanging out with friends, cooking, and music outside of academics.


Fanhao Yu

Co-Director of New Hampshire Branch


Fanhao is a sophomore at Nashua High School. He loves science and math, and wants to show others how fun science can be. Besides that, Fanhao loves playing basketball, skiing, reading, and he runs cross country and track. 


Eesha Jain

Director of Washington Branch


Eesha is a freshman at Interlake High School. Eesha has been participating in STEM since 4th grade and she loves every moment of it. She shares a deep interest in computer science, web + app development, science, and math as well! With these passions and her love for teaching, she is dedicated to spreading STEAM, especially in underserved communities, through Opportunity X to bring STEAM into every home!

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Anthony Zhu

Director of Illinois Branch


Anthony is a sophomore at Barrington High School. He loves studying math and science and is passionate about scientific research. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, clarinet, chess, and badminton. Through Opportunity X, he looks forward to helping bring science research opportunities to local communities, especially the underrepresented ones. 

School Program Leaders 

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Nathaniel Johnson
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Board of Directors

Cynthia Chen

Cynthia Chen



Cynthia Chen is a sophomore at Harvard University. She graduated from the Harker School. She loves science and research, and she has conducted computational biology research projects for the past four years. Cynthia is involved with the Research Club, AI Club, and Horizon science magazine at her school. In her free time, she plays volleyball and enjoys drawing and baking. 


Adishree Ghatare


Adishree is a sophomore at Caltech. She graduated from Saint Francis High School. She loves service, science, and technology. She has an especially strong affinity for machine learning with which she has completed several research projects. She leads her school's programming and Girls Who Code clubs. She loves to spread her interest of programming through LancerHacks, the hackathon that she organizes. Outside of STEM, Adishree performs violin, is captain of her school's Bollywood team, and runs half marathons. 

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Thomas Carroll

Principal of Morrill Middle School



Nathan Laing

Science Teacher of Morrill Middle School

Mr. Laing has been teaching for 10 years after spending almost 25 years in high technology as an engineer. He views teaching as a way to interest children in subjects they might not otherwise enjoy, and loves to experience the "lightbulb moment" when a child first understands a difficult concept. In his free time, Mr. Laing enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing with his dog Stella and his cat Fitty, and following local sports teams. He also enjoys watching movies and golfing.