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For the Science experiments, please prepare the following materials ahead of time to fully enjoy the five experiments. 


Rubber Band Guitar:

  • rubber bands (preferably of varying widths)

  • an empty container (a cup, a small bowl, etc.)

  • small towel or cloth (which can fit in the container

  • tape (optional)



  • dry plastic comb / plastic balloon

  • faucet


Soap Powered Boat:

  • Cup

  • Two paper clips

  • Water

  • Piece of paper towel

  • One Q-tip

  • Liquid soap



  • Glass of water

  • Pen

  • Paper/ paper napkin


Plastic Milk

  • Prepared hot milk

  • Styrofoam® or other heat-resistant cup

  • White or distilled vinegar 

  • Paper towels

  • Spoon

  • Optional: food coloring, glitter, or markers

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