Itliong Vera-Cruz Middle School

Oct 2019 - May 2020

Opportunity X representatives: Jasmine Wang, Lucy Gong, Kevin Sheng

Sponsoring Teacher: Ms. Lisa Mata


We are very excited to announce our new partnering school Itliong Vera-Cruz Middle School in Union City, California. 

10/22/19 Week 1, First Meeting 

We introduced Opportunity X to the students, and outlined our plan for the year.

We did a short experiment - skittles melting in water, students observed warm water and cold water melted skittles differently and came to their own conjecture of the theory behind the phenomenon. 

10/29/19 Week 2, DIY Ice Cream





11/05/19 Week 3, Apple 






11/12/19 Week 4 Growing Borax Crystals 

Jasmine introduced her classmate Shikha to Opportunity X, And Shika said that she would be interested in helping out! We gave examples of crystals, explained what a crystals was, and went over some terms related to different solutions(ex: saturated). Then the lab for growing crystals commenced. Mrs. Mata offered a bigger plastic beaker, which is why some students made two sets of borax crystals. We stored extra supplies that can be used for next time in a cabinet.


11/19/19 Week 5, Slime







12/03/19 Week 6,  Biomimicry

12/10/19 Week 7, Cleaning Penny


12/17/19 Week 8, Invisible Ink

Jasmine introduce why lemons and milk are used in this experiment. Briefly talked about pH. Talked about oxidation and ways to prevent oxidation, such as using wax or a layer of paint. Then on to the experiment. The results were shown, not not clearly, but this can be explained by the fact that the lemon juice used was not 100% lemon juice. There were other chemicals added. As for milk, since it was process before getting sold in the store, some carbon compounds could be neutralized or removed.The experiment was relatively quick, however, questions and reviewing concepts took up some time. For snacks, brought hot coco and some candy canes!






1/07/2020 Week 9, Extracting Strawberry DNA




1/14/2020 Week 10

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