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India Science Workshop

August 2nd - August 6th 2021

In 2021, Opportunity X partnered with Dr. SRK School in Andhra Pradesh, India - creating the first ever international school program! Around 25 students were taught over the course of 5 days during this week-long workshop. During a time when the pandemic was deeply affecting India, Opportunity X was glad to step in and provide free education to these students. Students were awarded physical trophies and certificates for their efforts.

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Day 1 - Fingerprint Analysis

Students analyzed patterns in their fingerprints and compared it with their peers. They also learned about how to collect data and the difference between quantitative and qualitative data.

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Day 2 - Membranophone

Students learned about wavelength, amplitude, and frequency by making their own musical instrument out of a glove, straw, water bottle, and rubber bands.

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Day 3 - Marble Run

Students built personalized contraptions for marbles to run down using cardboard and popsicle sticks. They learned what engineering is and how physics relates to this specific engineering challenge.

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Day 4 - Hoop Gliders

Students learned about the principles of flight, specifically how air resistance, gravity, lift, and thrust work together to make things fly. They were able to put this in action by building their own hoop gliders out of paper and straw. Students observed how their gliders flew and then made modifications to experiment with the flight path. Some students added extra hoops to increase lift while others added extra straws to improve on the structure.

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Day 5 - Catapult

This week, students were introduced to the concept of engineering: a process that involves planning, designing, and building a solution to a problem. Given a limited amount of materials, students were expected to build a device that could launch an aluminum foil ball at a target. Students made their own personalized catapults and slingshots with their creativity.

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