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Bringing science research opportunities to underrepresented groups
Our Mission

Our Mission

Founded in 2016, Opportunity X is dedicated to bringing science research opportunities to underrepresented and low-resource groups. We aim to accomplish this by sharing our knowledge of STEM and scientific research with middle school students in our community, through both leading school enrichment programs and holding library workshops.

We are a team of high schoolers who have a passion for giving back to the community by inspiring younger students to pursue scientific research.

See more about our team members here.

About Us

We partner with middle schools with underrepresented students. We start research programs (provided cost-free) at these schools to educate students about STEM and guide them through the entire research process.

At each school program, we hold weekly after-school research workshops, where we lead fun experiments and teach our students the fundamentals of conducting research.


Through our school programs and workshops, we guide our students through their own research projects, which they present at our annual Opportunity X Science Fair. 

"My favorite part is going up on stage during the Synopsys award ceremony and the judges pronouncing my name and then everybody clap for me because of the hard work my partner and I did. Opportunity X helped me develop more strategies on how to solve the problems in science."

- Ashukem Adrienne Taku

Student @ River Glen


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