Our progress and impact through the years.

 Aug 2021:  Started 4 new state branches in New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, New Hampshire.   

July 2021:  The inaugural Opportunity X Engineering Boot Camp.

May 2021:  The first Opportunity X International Science Research Symposium.

Mar 2021:  Launched new initiative - Science Exploration Challenge.

Feb 2021:  Launched Virginia Branch.

Dec 2020:  Winter fundraising.

Nov 2020:  7 new schools joined Opportunity X school program. 

Oct 2020:  Initiated new collaboration with Ave Crux Program and Alabama Rocket City Research Society. 

Sep 2020: Launched Texas branch.

Sep 2020:  All programs converted to virtual with redesigned curriculum.

Aug 2020: The inaugural Opportunity X Virtual Summer Camp.

Aug 2019: Launched Utah branch. 

May 2019: The inaugural Opportunity X Science Fair! 

Mar 2019: Launched Florida branch.

Oct 2018:  Official 501(c)(3) nonprofit status + first fundraiser!

Sep 2018:  Start of 3 new Opportunity X school programs in East San Jose @ River Glen, Morrill, and ACE Esperanza!

Sep 2017:  Our pilot program @  KIPP Heartwood Middle School in San Jose, CA.

Dec 2016:  Opportunity X is officially founded.