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Leadership Team

We are a group of high school students from across the nation who are passionate about both science research and giving back to our communities. Apply to be an Opportunity X volunteer here!

Cynthia Chen

Founder and CEO


Cynthia Chen is a senior at The Harker School. She loves math and computer science and is interested in using them to address problems within the medical field. She has conducted bioinformatics research for the past three years, focused on developing computational methods to identify disease targets. At school, Cynthia is involved with the Research Club, AI Club, and Horizon science magazine. She also plays volleyball and enjoys drawing and baking. Cynthia currently leads the Morrill Program and has co-led the KIPP Heartwood program.

Adishree Ghatare

Co-founder and President

Adishree is a senior at Saint Francis High School. She loves service, science, and technology. She has an especially strong affinity for machine learning with which she has completed several research projects. She leads her school programming and Girls Who Code clubs. She loves to spread her interest of programming through LancerHacks, the hackathon that she organizes. Outside of STEM, Adishree performs violin, is captain of her school's Bollywood team, and runs half marathons. Adishree currently leads the KIPP Heartwood program.

Alice Feng

Vice President 


Alice is a sophomore at The Harker School. She is very passionate about computer science, biology, and medicine. She was a 2018 Broadcom MASTERS Top 30 Finalist. Alice figure skates competitively, enjoys playing the piano, and loves reading all types of books. In her free time, she often upcycles waste materials such as plastic water bottle caps and soda pop tabs into creative and practical projects. Alice organizes and leads the River Glen program as well as library workshops.

Vedha Santhosh

Vice President


Vedha is a senior at Leland High School. She loves biology, environmental engineering, and mentoring other students through tutoring. Her interest in environmental engineering has led her to present at the California State Science Fair for 3 consecutive years. She leads Expository Speaking in her school's nationally acclaimed speech and debate team. She is passionate about composing music and loves performing Bharatanatyam with her classical dance school.

Andrew Lu

Director of Outreach


Andrew is a junior at The Harker School. He is particularly interested in computer science, with its endless applications to STEM fields such as astrophysics and bioinformatics. In addition, Andrew does competitive programming and helps to organize HarkerHacks. Aside from STEM, he enjoys debating and playing water polo for his school team. In his free time, Andrew likes stargazing, reading thrillers, and hiking. Andrew currently leads the Morrill program​. 

Sidra Xu

Director of Events


Sidra is a junior at The Harker School. She loves math, computer science, and research and is eager to share her enthusiasm for the sciences with others. She is especially interested in bioinformatics and has attended multiple science fairs. She also teaches programming classes at local libraries and plays violin in the school orchestra. In her spare time, she reads historical books and wonders about the ethical implications of technology. Sidra currently co-leads the ACE Esperanza program​.


Rashi Ranjan

Director of Curriculum


Rashi is a senior at Leland High School. Passionate about biomedical research, she has completed projects about various issues, from vehicular heatstroke to lung cancer, and loves to travel to speak about her research at conferences and competitions. When she's not delving into scientific breakthroughs, Rashi is usually baking desserts or creating foods inspired by international cuisines. One can find Rashi (literally) kicking it at her martial arts studio, where she has earned her black belt and loves to teach others as well. Rashi will be leading the KIPP Heritage program beginning this fall.

Bowen Yin

Director of Operations and Webmaster


Bowen is a junior at The Harker School. He loves computer science and has built several web apps used by students in his school's community. He is also a part of Harker's student software development organization and the robotics team. His hobbies include playing competitive golf and programming. Bowen currently leads the Morrill program


Pujita Tangirala

Voices College Bound Language Academy Franklin McKinley Lead


Pujita is a sophomore at Saint Francis High School. She loves chemistry and physics. She is particularly interested in astrophysics. She has been active in the Synopsys Science Fair for the past few years and was a Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalist in 2016 and Finalist in 2017. Outside of science, she plays many instruments and is part of her school’s Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. She also performs the classical Indian dance called Kuchipudi. Pujita currently leads the Voices Franklin McKinley program and was previously a KIPP Heartwood Co-lead.

Riyaa Randhawa

ACE Esperanza Program Co-lead


Riyaa is a sophomore at The Harker School. Her favorite subject in school is science, and she is specifically interested in biology and medical technology. She participates in congressional debate, choir, and Junior Olympics for water polo. She also loves the sports water polo, lacrosse, and horseback riding. Riyaa currently co-leads the ACE Esperanza program.

Nathaniel Johnson

KIPP Heartwood Co-lead

Nathan is a sophomore at KIPP San Jose Collegiate. As an alumnus of our KIPP Heartwood 2017-18 school program, he is interested and passionate about technology, video game creation, and bioengineering. He enjoys creating new tech projects, and has participated in multiple game jams, and swims competitively. Nathan is currently a TA for the KIPP Heartwood program.

Jasmine Wang

East Bay Representative

Jasmine Wang is a junior attending American High School in Fremont. She loves different subjects in science and is particularly interested in biology and anatomy. She also likes working with different people and is the treasurer of both Medical Students of the Bay Area(MSBA) and ARTtain.

Branch Directors

Maya Chandar

Director of Florida Branch


Maya is a sophomore at Canterbury School in Fort Myers, Florida. She's passionate about STEM, particularly genetic and biomedical engineering, and has created several projects that look into the acceleration of cellular and molecular processes. She loves to play many instruments and play tennis. In her free time, she likes to read, give back to the community, and listen to music.

Gary Zhan

Director of Utah Branch


Gary is a freshman at Logan High School in Logan, Utah. He is passionate about microbiology, mathematics, and engineering, and is currently studying the interactions between plants and their microbiome. He was a Broadcom MASTERS semifinalist in 2016 and a finalist in 2018. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, playing piano, and playing tennis.

Nathan Deng

Director of Southern California Branch


Nathan is a senior at San Marino High School in San Marino, California. He is passionate about green chemistry, biology, and environmental engineering. He was a Broadcom MASTERS Finalist in 2016 and has done research in the dissolution of rocks and minerals for carbon sequestration, artificial intelligence as an educational tool, and the manipulation of surface tension of water for improved cleaning. During his free time, he likes to hike, ski, and play tennis.

Anisha Parsan

Director of Texas Branch


Anisha Parsan is a freshman at Clements High School in Sugar Land, Texas. She has a passion for research and learning biology, and was a Broadcom Masters Semifinalist in 2018. Anisha loves to compete, and went to Science Bowl Nationals in 2019.  During her free time, she enjoys playing ice hockey and playing the cello.

Nikolai Ortiz

Director of Texas Branch


Nikolai is a junior from Corpus Christi, Texas, and he attends Stanford Online High School. He’s passionate about environmental studies, computer science, and mathematics, and has created several studies on water quality research in South Texas. He is a 2015 and 2016 Broadcom MASTERS finalist and a 2017 semifinalist. In his free time, he pursues commercial acting, hip hop and contemporary dance, and rock climbing.


Eric Xie, Irvington High School

Kevin Sheng, Mission San Jose High School

Lucy Gong, James Logan High School

Kavya Moharana, Piedmont Hills High School

Sanjana Jilla, Monta Vista High School

Julia Biswas, The Harker School

Leela Mukherjee, Notre Dame San Jose

Charles Ding, The Harker School

Jack Albright, The Nueva School

Bhavya Patnaik, Mission San Jose High School

Arjun Kumar, Lynbrook High School

Satvik Gonur, Lynbrook High School

Pauline Le, Valley Christian High School

Thomas Li, Lynbrook High School

Ritali Jain, Evergreen Valley High School

Myilan Muruganujan, Branham High School

Aditya Rajeev, Lynbrook High School

Keyana Prum, Independence High School

Samika Swamy, Monta Vista High School

Elizabeth Fields, The Harker School

Anushka Kesavan, Monta Vista High School

Aaditya Ravula, Monta Vista High School

Mahati Manda, Basis Independent Silicon Valley 

Sanjana Gadaginmath, Lynbrook High School

Neelesh Bokkisam, Lynbrook High School

Catherine Zhou, Lynbrook High School

Sachita Kashyap, Monta Vista High School

Kaitlin Wong, Fremont High School 

Ria Maheshwari, Fremont High School 


Brian Chen, The Harker School

Eileen Ma, The Harker School

Steven Xia, The Harker School

Suman Mohanty, The Harker School

Ashley Ruan, The Harker School

Michelle Jin, The Harker School

Sally Zhu, The Harker School

Sabrina Zhu, The Harker School

Amanda Nguyen, Evergreen Valley High School

Ethan Zuo, Saratoga High School

Siddhartha Mishra, Monta Vista High School

Divya Sundar, Presentation High School

Luisa Pan, The Harker School

Saanvi Arora, The Harker School

Anushka Kesavan, Monta Vista High School 

Siddhartha Mishra, Monta Vista High School 

Anushka Kesavan, Monta Vista High School 

Sachita Kashyap, Monta Vista High School 

Aditya Rajeev, Lynbrook High School

Raeed Azom, Lynbrook High School

Catherine Zhou, Lynbrook High School

Neil Pendyala, Saint Francis High School

Mia Toralba, Saint Francis High School

Anushka Kesavan, Saint Francis High School

Myilan Muruganujan, Saint Francis High School

Swathi Badrinarayanan, Saint Francis High School

Anika Bhatia, Leland High School

Raeed Azom, Lynbrook High School

Mia Abatecola, Canterbury High School

If you are a high school student who is interested in volunteering for Opportunity X, please fill out this form! We are looking for students who have experience in STEM research and want to give back to their community.


Thomas Carroll

Principal of Morrill Middle School


Nathan Laing

Science Teacher

Mr. Laing has been teaching for 10 years after spending almost 25 years in high technology as an engineer. He views teaching as a way to interest children in subjects they might not otherwise enjoy, and loves to experience the "lightbulb moment" when a child first understands a difficult concept. In his free time, Mr. Laing enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing with his dog Stella and his cat Fitty, and following local sports teams. He also enjoys watching movies and golfing.