Opportunity X 2020 Summer Camp

While we were hoping to see our students in person for a summer camp, we decided to host a virtual summer camp after our 2019-2020 school programs were abruptly ended due to the spread of the coronavirus. The program is free for all participants and is completely virtual. From August 1 to 30, we will run through one experiment on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We will be mailing packages full of all the materials you'll need beforehand. 


RSVPs have closed as of Saturday, June 27th, with 89 participants from across the Bay Area.

We are excited to host our first session on Saturday, August 1!

We provide each student with a complete science experiment kit. On 7/18, our volunteers assembled 100 kits at KIPP Heartwood for parents to pick up. On 7/25, our second pick up event was at St. Francis High School. For students in Union City, our volunteers dropped off the kits to each student's home. 

Summer Camp Material Kits Pick Up

2020 Experiments + Materials List

Saturday, August 1. Invisible ink

1 cotton swab (q-tip), 1 piece of white paper to write on, juice of 1 lemon, 1 cup

Sunday, August 2. Cleaning pennies & pH
5 dirty pennies, juice of one lemon, one tsp of salt, non-metal bowl, 1 paper towel, 2 nuts and bolts, (optional) a few litmus paper strips

Saturday, August 8. Lava lamps
1 plastic water bottle, 3 oz of baby/vegetable oil, 1-2 Alka Seltzer tablets, (optional) food coloring

Sunday, August 9. Skittles chromatography
A pack of Skittles, 1 piece of white paper, 1 bowl

Saturday, August 15. Speaker Session — Dr. Wei Huang

Sunday, August 16. Catapult & simple machines challenge
Any materials you might have like rubber bands, aluminum foil, pencils, cups, tape, rulers

Saturday, August 22. Spinning penny
A balloon and a penny

Sunday, August 23. Iron for breakfast
Half a Ziploc bag of breakfast cereal, magnets

Saturday, August 29. Surface tension
A paper clip, a paper towel

Sunday, August 30. Build a structure challenge
Whatever materials you want! (intended to be from the materials box)

2020 Volunteer Teachers

Ashley Ruan

Catherine Zhou

Stephen Xia

Sidra Xu

Olivia Xu

Alice Feng

Andrew Lu

Sabrina Zhu

Maya Chandar

Jia Desai

Anika Bhatia

Pujita Tangirala

Adishree Ghatare

Kevin Sheng

Kelly Wang

Lucy Gong

Jiayi Zeng

Eric Xie

Brian Chen

Gary Zhan

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