Student and alumni-led organization wins STEM grant

July 29, 2021 

by Harker News

Opportunity X Receives $2500 STEM Action Grant from Society for Science

July 21, 2021

Opportunity X today received a $2500 grant from the Society for Science, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding scientific literacy, effective STEM education and scientific research. The STEM Action Grant program bolsters and improves outcomes for groups that have been historically left behind in STEM education and careers, including Black and Latinx individuals, women and gender-expansive persons, the hearing and visually impaired as well as low-income students.

Opportunity X was one of 38 groups that received $165,000 in microgrant funding through the Society’s STEM Action Grant program. Since 2016,(including this announcement), the program has given $410,000 total to 64 organizations.

Opportunity X annual science fair held virtually, middle schoolers present research projects

May 29, 2021

by Arely Sun, Sabrina Zhu

Students of Opportunity X, a nonprofit organization that teaches about science research to various middle schools in California and around the world, congregated on Zoom for the program's annual science fair on May 29. The program’s online format this year allowed it to expand internationally and gave participants a chance to meet students from different school branches.