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KIPP Heartwood Middle School
September 2021 - May 2022
Opportunity X Representatives: Nathan Johnson, Natalie Johnson

In our fifth year at KIPP Heartwood Academy in East San Jose, we are continuing to lead weekly after school enrichment s every Tuesday where we build upon students' scientific curiosity and perform scientific experiments. 

Week 1 - Meet and Greet - In this meeting, we introduced the students to the Opportunity X organization, showed them the scientific method, and previewed what science fairs look like.


Week 2 - Strawberry DNA Experiment - In this meeting, we went over the microbiology and explored it by extracting the DNA from a strawberry.


Week 3 - Hydroponic Gardening - In this meeting, we went over macrobiology and built a hydroponic garden for a plant.


Week 4 - Potato Battery - In this meeting, we did some electrochemistry to power an LED using just potatoes and metal.


Week 5 - Egg Drop


Week 6 - Bouncing Ball Experiment - In this meeting, we talked about the chemistry of polymers and used them to create our own bouncy ball.


Week 7 - Coin Cleaning


Week 8 - Lava Lamp - In this meeting, we covered density and made our own lava lamp using those principles.


Week 9 - Paper Rockets


Week 10 - Popsicle Stick Catapults - This meeting covered the types of energy, which we put to use to make a catapult.


Week 11 - Geodesic Domes


Week 12 - Christmas Card Circuits - Heartwood students made a card to show appreciation for Opportunity X. The card SINGs and FLASHes!


Week 13 - Winter Party + Science Project Idea Generation

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