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ACE Esperanza Middle School

October 2021 - Jan 2022
Opportunity X representatives: Sabrina Zhu, Henry Shang

In-person club activities

Week 1 (Oct. 28) - Rainbow in a Glass

For the first week of the Opportunity X program at Ace Esperanza, students performed the rainbow in a glass experiment, where they observed how water with a high concentration of salt sank below water with a lower concentration of salt and how hot water rose above cold water. To explain the experiment, they also studied density and the factors that can affect a solution’s density.

Week 2 (Nov. 4) - Lava Lamps

Students built their own lava lamps using water, food coloring, oil, and alka seltzer tablets. They learned about the property of polarity and why different liquids separate while in the same container, as well as the unique characteristics of water.

Week 3 (Dec. 2) - Making Ice Cream

With just a few ziploc bags, ice, salt, heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract, students were able to shake up their own ice cream. Students observed the three different states of matter, which are solid, liquid, gas, and how salt decreases the temperature of the cream and freezes it into a solid more quickly.

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