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Opportunity X 2023 STEM Essay Contest

2023 STEM Essay Contest Flyer.png

We are so excited to announce our second STEM Essay Contest! This year's topic will be STEM inventions!


Students will select a STEM related invention that has a significant impact on the modern world. They will learn about the invention and its creator by reading their stories, challenges, and contributions and will then write a 300-500 word essay on their story (separate extended version of up to 800 words is permitted). Top submissions will receive up to $100 in gift cards!


  1. The essay must include sufficient background information about the invention, including details about who the invention belongs to, impacts of the invention, and challenges faced by the inventor who created it.

  2. The essay must be within the word limit of 300-500 words. You may submit a separate file including an extended version under 800 words.

  3. The essay can be completed in groups of up to 3.

  4. Participants must be grades 4-8.

  5. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2023.

STEM Inventions List

You can either choose your own invention or pick one from the inventions list we compiled.


ONE 1st Place: $100

THREE 2nd Place: $50

THREE 3rd Place: $30

Winners will be updated once the contest is over!


Will be updated soon!

Judging Criteria

Research on Invention/Inventor (10 points)

  • Was sufficient background information included?

  • Are trusted sources used?

  • How detailed was the information?


Impact (10 points)

  • Did the student discuss why the invention was needed?

  • Did the student discuss the applications and impact of the invention?

  • If applicable, did the student discuss scientific developments that came after, or resulted from, this invention?


Writing (10 points)

  • Was the essay well written? Was the student creative in their response?

  • Was correct grammar, spelling, and syntax used?

  • Was the essay easy to understand?

  • Did the essay keep you interested the whole way through?


Total: 30 points

Contact us with any questions at!

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