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Opportunity X 2022 Summer Bootcamp

Opportunity X 2022 Summer Camp (Green, Yellow, Blue) (2).png

We are so excited to announce our 2022 Summer Bootcamp!



We are hosting a free and virtual six day long summer boot camp! Each day, we’ll run through one experiment, and we’ll teach relevant scientific concepts. As for the materials for the experiments, we’ve made sure that all required materials are typical household items, and we’ll send over a final list before the camp starts!

The six experiments we will be doing are: Straw Rocket, Density tower, Mars Rover Game, Pencil Catapult, Analyzing Salt, and Paper Mars Helicopter!

Our program times are:

3-4:00 PM PST  on Saturdays 7/30, 8/6, 8/13 over Zoom


3-4:00 PM PST  on Sundays 7/31, 8/7, 8/14 over Zoom

We welcome all students to participate in this informative and engaging summer camp.

Signup link:

Deadline to RSVP is Wednesday, July 27 before 9PM. We will fill up our slots first come, first serve — so sign up soon! We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions, contact us at!



In the below flyer, you can find lists of materials that are required or recommended for each experiment.


Opportunity X 2022 Summer Camp Materials List (1).png
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