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Opportunity X 2021 Engineering Boot Camp

Opportunity X is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created and led by a group of high schoolers to share equitable science research opportunities with local middle schools. 


We are hosting a FREE & VIRTUAL five day long engineering boot camp this summer! We'll run through one engineering project during our 2 hours Zoom session each day. We will also post tutorial videos on our YouTube channel in case you have to miss a session. 


The five engineering projects are: Make your own rain stick; Non-round rollers; Epic marble run; 3D printing CAD; and Duplicate your drawings with a machine. For each project, we will explain the engineering principles that make it possible and guide the students through hand-on experiments. Our volunteers have worked really hard this summer to ensure small class sizes and provide engaging interactive activities for all the campers.

We have two program times:

4-7:00 PM EDT  7/28 (Wed) through 8/1 (Sunday) over Zoom

4-7:00 PM PDT  7/28 (Wed) through 8/1 (Sunday) over Zoom


Signup link:


Deadline to RSVP is Saturday, July 17 before 9PM. We will fill up our slots first come, first serve — so sign up soon!

Contact us with any questions at!

Experiments and Materials List

Wednesday, July 28: Make your own rain-stick

1 1.5in x 24in mailing tube (or wrapping paper tube, paper-towel rolls), 50 1-inch hardware nails, 1 roll of 1-inch masking tape, 2 pieces of index card or any small cardboard, a handful of rice and/or beans

Thursday, July 29: 3D printing design using tinkerCAD

Computer connected to the internet

Friday, July 30: Non-round roller

Printed paper template (will be provided), 1 piece of cardboard or cardstock

Saturday, July 31: Epic marble run

1 large piece of cardboard (at least 17x22 inch), 1 roll of masking tape, 1 hot glue gun and hot glue, 20+ popsicle sticks, 5+ marbles

Sunday, August 1: Duplicate your drawings with a machine 

1 hole puncher, 10 brads, a few small slices of cardboard

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