Opportunity X 2021 STEMist Essay Contest

We are announcing the inaugural Opportunity X STEMist Essay Contest! 



Students will select a scientist, engineer, mathematician, technologist or researcher who belongs to an underrepresented group in STEM. They will learn about the journey of the scientist by reading their stories, challenges, and contributions and will then write a 300-500 word essay on their story. The students should also include how the experiences of their chosen scientist are inspiring to them. Top submissions will receive up to $50 in gift card.




  1. The essay must include sufficient background information about the scientist, including details about what underrepresented group the scientist belongs to, work done by the scientist, and challenges faced by the scientist.

  2. The essay must be within the word limit of 300-500 words.

  3. The essay can be completed in groups of up to 3.

  4. Possible underrepresented groups in STEM are women, minorities, people of color, people with disabilities, and people from low-income communities.

  5. Participants must be grades 4-8.

  6. The deadline for submission is Dec 18, 2021.

STEMist List
You can either choose your own STEMlist or pick one from the 65 STEMlists we compiled. 
Judging Criteria

Research on Scientist (5 points)

  • Was sufficient background information included?

  • Are trusted sources used?

  • How detailed was the information?


Inspiration/Impact (5 points)

  • Did the student include how they felt inspired?

  • Did the student include details on how being underrepresented impacted the scientist?

  • Was the student creative in their response?


Writing (5 points)

  • Was the essay well written?

  • Was correct grammar, spelling, and syntax used?

  • Did the essay flow?

  • Was the essay easy to understand?


Total: 15 points



1x 1st place: $50

2x 2nd place: $30

3x 3rd place: $20


Coming soon.



Contact us with any questions at main.opportunityx@gmail.com!

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