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2019 Opportunity X Science Fair

The Opportunity X Science Fair is specially designed for underrepresented middle schools.  Our inaugural science fair took place at the Alum Rock Branch Library on May 25, 2019.

At the 2019 Fair, Opportunity X's school program students from KIPP Heartwood Academy, Morrill Middle School, River Glen Middle School and Ace Esperanza Middle School presented their projects to judges and visitors. Two invited keynote speakers, electrical engineer and educator Bob Zeidman and UCSF researcher Dr. Chakrapani Kalyanaraman spoke about different aspects of science and technology. 

Category awards and special awards with cash prizes were given at the end of the fair. 

Harker Aquila wrote a detailed report of the event here.

Thank you so much to everyone who came!

Photos from the 2019 Fair

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Projects and Awards

Here is the list of projects and the awards they won. 

KIPP Heartwood Academy

  • Effect of Playing Video Games on Reaction Times by Aldo Carmona & Jonathan Miranda Lopez, 1st Place Award Winner
  • Lemon Battery by Lilly Amador and Anh Ho, Special Award Winner - Best Project Design
  • Alka Seltzer Rockets by Halley Romero, Special Award Winner - Best Poster Design

Morrill Middle School

  • Aerodynamics of a car based on its shape by Dhejan Sevilla,   Special Award Winner - Best Project Design
  • Growth of plants under different colored lights by Varun Madhan,  3rd Place Award Winner
  • Organic: The Healthier Option or Just a Scam by Diya Arunkumar,   2nd Place Award Winner

River Glen Middle School

  • Sideway Plants vs Right Side Up Plants by Francisco Martin and Jorge Guhe, 3rd Place Award Winner
  • Water on Water by Ava Alexander and Ashukem Taku,   Special Award Winner - Best Impact
  • pH Levels in the Ocean by Shayla Cibrian and Marbella Lopez, 2nd Place Award Winner
  • The Prism Project by Benjamin Lee, 3rd Place Award Winner

Ace Esperanza Middle School

  • Energy Drink by Miguel Angel Guzman Flores, Garrett Cisneros, Special Award Winner - Best Impact 
  • My Robot by Christal Camacho Infante, Special Award Winner - Best Presentation
  • Rockets by Alehandro Soledad Rodriguez Tavares, Joshua Tavares, Special Award Winner - Best Creativity
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